The rumor mill is heating up over Bring Me the Horizon potentially releasing a new song featuring Post Malone. It all began after a fan's tweet commenting on the matter went viral. "I don't want to see none of y'all normies start listening to BMTH just because they're collabing with Post Malone," they wrote. "Y'all just wanna hop on the 'emo' wave now because your favorite artists normalize it." At the time of this article's posting, the tweet has garnered over 14,000 retweets, sparking wide discussion that a collaboration between the two artists is actually happening.

While the team-up is still unconfirmed, Bring Me vocalist Oli Sykes sparked rumors himself of he and Post possibly working on new music together in an Instagram post from January. He shared a studio picture with the caption, "We good to go @postmalone." However, there was a television in the photo displaying a video game loading screen; Sykes may have been referring to a game, not a collaboration.

We good to go @postmalone

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Fans have been weighing in on the rumor all afternoon.

Bring Me announced their new album, amo, last week. A new single accompanied the news, titled "Mantra," along with a music video. amo is due out Jan. 11, 2019. (Pre-orders are on sale now.)

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