Singer Oliver "Oli" Sykes of British metalcore band Bring Me the Horizon has addressed the violence that erupted during the band's performance Monday night in Salt Lake City.

Initial reports suggested Sykes stopped the show after the band was showered with bottles from the crowd, that he responded by throwing water and bottles back at the audience and then was attacked onstage by angry audience members after daring them to confront him onstage.

But Sykes insists he interrupted the gig because a fan in the crowd was being assaulted by audience members, and nobody in the band was hurt when people jumped onstage to attack him. He also reports that a young female fan's jaw was broken and others were injured during the ensuing chaos.

"Just to clear any rumors ... Nothing happened last night apart from a bunch of soft lads stomped on a [little] kid's head five seconds into our set, so we stopped playing, had a bit of a banter with [them], telling [them off]," he writes in a post on his 'The Adventures of Oliver Sykes' blog.

He continues, "Then some fatty gets onstage tries to hit me, in which he completely fails, misses and falls over, and then gets sparked out by someone in our touring party. The 'crew' [of audience members] then responded by running around the venue, breaking a very young girl's jaw and stamping on her, and injuring a few more of our young fans. Proper hard, [isn't it?]."

Sykes wraps up: "Not a member in BMTH or any of our touring party got so much as a scratch. Oh one did want me to know he f--ked my wife though, which hit me hard as you know I’ve been happily married for a long time now. :)"

We're pretty sure that "happily married" part is a joke. Sykes has long dated 20-something-year-old model Amanda Hendrick and the two still seem to be together, but there are no reports of them getting hitched.

Bring Me the Horizon finished their U.S. tour with Australia’s Parkway Drive last night in Las Vegas, and now travel to Central and South America for a handful of dates starting Thursday in Mexico City. Check out the rest of their schedule here.