Iron Maiden are currently enjoying some down time after wrapping up an exhaustive world tour over the summer. The band recently launched the Trooper Red 'N' Black porter, the latest addition to their craft beer line and bars around the world have begun to stock up. Singer Bruce Dickinson surprised a local Cardiff crowd on Thursday night (Oct. 19) when he dropped by to pour fans some pints off the freshly installed tap!

As seen in the video above, fans crowded the bar inside Fuel Rock Club for the chance to say Dickinson was their bartender and drink a pint poured by the Maiden singer himself. Owner Rob Toogood explained how this came to fruition, telling Wales Online, "We never know exactly if Bruce is going to come but when I bumped into him backstage at a show in Barcelona he told me to let him know when I had the new beer in and he promised to pull a few pints for us."

Toogood also explained that Bruce's son Griff and his band SHVPES were playing across the road, "so we guessed he might be about," adding, "He stayed most of the night just mingling, chatting and posing for pics." The singer declined special treatment as the owner asked if he would like his own section of the bar. Toogood detailed, "He looked at me and said, 'Who for? I'm not Kim Kardashian!'"

Dickinson and the rest of Maiden have already begun looking into 2017 with another wave of European tour dates set to kick off in April as the band continues to support 2015's The Book of Souls.

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