In 1997, Bruce Dickinson had just reunited with his old Iron Maiden bandmate, Adrian Smith, and returned to a more metal sound on his solo LP Accident of Birth. While this was a nice surprise for fans, they got an even bigger one when the singer made an appearance on the short-lived television show Last Chance Lottery... wearing a leopard print suit.

The program featured special guest stars who would be subject to performing a cover of whatever song was landed on after the host spun the wheel. For Dickinson, that cover turned out to be the 1968 Tom Jones hit, "Delilah." Vocally, the song is well within the singer's capabilities as he easily handles its rises and falls with his powerful operatic range. This would have been ridiculous on its own, but that suit elevates the performance, planting it firmly in the realm of the absurd.

And how about that backing band? Dickinson actually doesn't look that out of place when the cameras cut from his safari threads to the house musicians, who are decorated in matching yellow tuxedos and black-haired afro wigs. Why, why, why, Delilah indeed.

Throughout the decades, Iron Maiden's air raid siren has worn some pretty outrageous outfits onstage (Somewhere in Time tour, anyone?), but covering himself head to toe in animal print could top it all. Even those host humored it, cracking a Def Leppard joke.

Maiden will embark on their 'Legacy of the Beast' tour in Europe this spring and you can see all the dates here and hopefully see Bruce restrain from repeating this fashion faux pas.

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