The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council is down with the 'Crazy Bitch.' It has just been reported that the CBSC ruled recently that a radio station in Ottawa, Canada, did not violate a code of ethics established by the nation's broadcasters by playing the Buckcherry tune 'Crazy Bitch' earlier this year.

A listener had filed an official complaint after hearing it on the radio, arguing that the tune was "offensive," "inappropriate" and "distasteful," "employ[ed] negative female stereotypes" and "contribut[ed] to the stigma of mental illness."

The complainant further noted that "it is not an opinion that 'Crazy Bitch' is distasteful. It is distasteful, and more importantly it is demeaning and hateful."

But the CBSC disagreed, ruling that the song -- with its charming chorus of "Hey, you're a crazy bitch / But you f--- so good / I'm on top of it" -- is not "aimed at womanhood in general" because it is used the singular forms of "you" and "bitch" and thus seems to be referring to one individual.

The panel also determined that the use of the title expression in the context of the song, while distasteful, is not "demeaning and hateful" and thus does not violate acceptable standards.

In other words, Buckcherry were merely calling out one particular young lady -- not all woman in general -- and that simply calling someone a "crazy bitch" is kinda nasty but is not hateful. Which has to be true: come on, we all know Buckcherry are lovers, not haters! Just look at them!