Censors, hope you have your buzzers ready as Buckcherry has unveiled a new song called 'Say F--- It' and that may be just the beginning of the F-word fandom for the band.

The group debuted the song at their Atlantic City, N.J. stop and during the intro to the song, frontman Josh Todd revealed that the track would be part of the 'F---' EP, which would all include tracks with the four-letter word featured.

"Every song on the EP has to have a title with the word 'F---,' cause that is the theme of this motherf---er," explained Todd. "Just put this s--- on and you're gonna go f---ing bananas." And with that, the band launched into the song, which appears to be a re-imagining of the Icona Pop track 'I Love It' with Buckcherry's own stamp on it. Footage of the performance can be seen in the fan-shot video above.

Loudwire recently spoke with Josh Todd about the band's upcoming EP. While keeping the concept close to the vest, he did tell us, "It's got a theme to it and it's a must-have. I'm a huge fan of EPs and I had a lot of 'em when I was a kid, so it's going to be fun to put this one out in the spring as well." He also added of the direction, "It's nasty and raw and it's quintessential Buckcherry."

Stay tuned for release details.

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