Buckcherry have given their all for audiences over the last few years, and now they're taking it a step further. The group is letting the cameras roll on a film that will mirror the themes of their new album, 'Confessions.'

Singer Josh Todd told Alternative Addiction, "I had already been writing a screenplay somewhat based on my life, my childhood, and growing up in the music scene, so I decided to make a short film out of it all … It was actually fun because it gave us all a direction. The seven sins have been done by other bands, but the way we approached it was really cool and I think that the people who love this band and those who are new to this band are really going to embrace it and enjoy it."

Todd says that working on an album and a short film simultaneously could have led to issues, but his fellow bandmates have embraced the process and everyone feels this could be something that will make their next release something special. He adds, "We just kind of go with what we're feeling at the time when we make records and I think it was a natural way to go. We had never done something like this before and we always want to be challenged in the studio when we're writing songs so that we can reach a new level as artists."

The vocalist says the group is currently eyeing a September release for the album and they're currently working out the details on how to incorporate the film along with the promotional process. The band has also started filling in the blanks on building a tour schedule.