Bullet for My Valentine just released their fourth studio album, 'Temper Temper,' back in February, but the group is already looking ahead to their next disc and will start work on it before the calendar hits 2014.

In a new interview with Rock Sound, frontman Matt Tuck explained that the band has already begun laying out the plans for the next disc. "We're actually going to start working on the new record before the arena dates," explained the singer. "We've got [producer] Terry Date coming over from America."

Having worked with Don Gilmore on their last two records, the band decided a different approach was needed. "When we worked with Don, he was very much focused on chopping parts out and making things concentrated," explains Tuck. "Now we want to work with someone who has worked with bands like Pantera and Deftones where that mentality was probably not in the game at all. We want someone to go, 'It's not big enough' or 'It's not metal enough' and keep us focused on our talents."

Tuck says the group already has four or five song ideas down even though they've been on tour for a majority of the year. Speaking about what to expect, Tuck says, "We pulled back a bit … on the last couple of records. On this one, if we do work with Terry Date, I think it'll be a no-holds-barred display of what we're about."