This past weekend, Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne wrote a review of the new Kurt Cobain documentary Montage of Heck. In the piece he called into question the information being presented in the film, writing, “90 percent of the Cobain documentary Montage of Heck is bulls--t.” Now, Osborne has elaborated further by asking how anyone could possibly defend Courtney Love or take Cobain's widow simply at her word.

During a recent interview with RiffYou, the singer not only backs up his original review, but goes into further detail about why he wrote it. Osborne said the number one reason he wanted to deny the verity of the doc was to defend his friend Kurt Cobain, who isn’t around to defend himself. “That’s it, 100%. I don’t understand how anyone could see it another way," Osborne says. "If they want to argue and say that I’m wrong, then okay, I’ll play their game. Would they feel better if Kurt Cobain did ‘f--- a fat retard.’ Do they feel better now? Do they feel better if he actually was suicidal? That makes you feel better? None of that’s true. I don’t think that’s a good legacy for him to have out there…I know it’s not true. It’s that simple.”

He adds that he thinks people want to believe this film is an accurate portrayal because Courtney Love and Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean worked on and authorized the movie. Osborne stated, “If they want to take her [Courtney Love’s] word for things, then go ahead. Do you feel better? Then everything she says is the golden rule. Absolutely. That’s got to be honest, no problem. That’s fine by me. If that makes them feel better, it’s fine by me.

Osborne is also confused as to why he was receiving such backlash for his negative review of the film. The frontman asks, “I just don’t understand how anybody could possibly defend her [Courtney Love]…if they want to defend her or take the side of the film maker, go ahead. How is that my fault? How am I to blame for that? Like I said in my article: ‘Facts don’t make any difference. What matters is what people believe.’ The ‘truth’ about [Cobain’s] situation has always been false. So there you go…utter fabrication. That’s never not been the case.”

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