Buzz Osbourne was not only an influence on Nirvana and Kurt Cobain, he was a friend of the musician long before all the fame, dating back to their days attending high school together. So it's of interest that the Melvins leader has not only been critical of the Brett Morgen documentary Montage of Heck, but has also shared his thoughts in a piece for The Talk House.

In his post about the film, Osborne starts by saying, "I love documentaries. I can watch a documentary about anything. But I didn’t have much interest in this one -- I’ve had my fill of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana bios and documentaries, and stopped reading and watching them a long time ago. I don’t have a lot of happy memories about any of that stuff, and the nice things I do remember are clouded by a deeply depressing fog of pointless misery. Look how it all ended. Nonetheless, I sat through Montage of Heck twice."

He adds, "First off, people need to understand that 90 percent of Montage of Heck is bulls--t. Total bulls--t. That’s the one thing no one gets about Cobain -- he was a master of jerking your chain. For instance, I know the whole 'I tried to f--k a fat retard' story is complete bulls--t. Not even an inkling of truth. That’s too good a story to have gone this long without me hearing about it, especially if, as he suggests, the girl’s father freaked out about it at the high school. In that small-town s--t-hole, exciting news of that nature would have been common knowledge before the sun set. It never happened. And the trying-to-kill-himself-on-the-train-tracks story is bulls--t as well. It never happened either. There it is, though, told in a recording of Kurt’s own voice so it must be true … right? Wrong."

Osborne also addresses Cobain's well-documented stomach issues, stating, "Kurt also told me there was absolutely nothing wrong with his stomach. He made it up for sympathy and so he could use it as an excuse to stay loaded. Of course he was vomiting -- that’s what people on heroin do, they vomit. It’s called 'vomiting with a smile on your face.'"

The Melvins leader also says there are plenty of inconsistencies with Courtney Love and what Cobain himself told him. "I suppose that’s not surprising when you consider history becomes elastic every time Courtney Love opens her mouth," says Osborne.

As for his review, Osborne concludes, "I suppose this movie will be interesting for Nirvana completists, because it certainly reinforces their already twisted view of the man. I found it to be mostly misguided fiction. Not a happy experience. I did enjoy the really cool animation, though, and they did a fantastic job of showing what a depressing s--t-hole Aberdeen really was and still is. For that, I salute them!"

Check out Osborne's full chat about the film here.

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