Cage the Elephant are back and they've got an unsettling new video for their latest single, "Cold Cold Cold." The band turned to frontman Matt Shultz for this clip, as the singer wrote the treatment and directed the clip, which centers on a young man undergoing a rather shady operation.

In the clip, the man is brought to private facility, suffering from a unique condition as his chest appears to glow. The man has his locks shaved, is tended to by a nursing team and a doctor as he's strapped in while an audience of masked, faceless people watch on. But when the conventional treatment doesn't work, an unconventional one is used to retrieve his black heart.

"I think we're all very prone to subscribe to a safe, surface level pursuit of happiness, keeping our adversities out of sight out of mind, in a way," says Shultz. "We try to fix ourselves to fit into the social norm, and it is so easy to forget that in one way or another, the broken hearted are the beautiful ones."

The dynamic rockers also delivered a memorable performance of "Cold Cold Cold" earlier this week on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, as Shultz leapt off Colbert's desk during the performance, while guitarist Brad Shultz kissed the TV host on the lips at the end of the performance. Watch it play out below.

Cage the Elephant will kick off the year touring in the U.K. and Europe. See all of their scheduled dates here.

Watch Cage the Elephant Performing "Cold Cold Cold" on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

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