Fire up the chainsaw, it's time for a brand new video from Cannibal Corpse. From the band's 13th studio album, 'A Skeletal Domain,' Cannibal Corpse have just unleashed a zombie-killing bloodfest for the track 'Kill or Become.'

We all love watching a good slaughter of the undead, so when Cannibal Corpse chose to make a music video for the zombie-themed 'Kill or Become,' there was only one way to go. The clip pays homage to horror classics such as 'Night of the Living Dead' with its grainy, black & white visuals, and the 'Evil Dead' franchise, with heavy use of everyone's favorite weapon when fighting the undead -- the chainsaw.

'Kill or Become' was directed by the great David Brodsky, who has created unforgettable clips for Papa Roach, Municipal Waste, the Black Dahlia Murder, Goatwhore and many others. The video switches from the black and white zombie killing to footage of Cannibal Corpse performing 'Kill or Become' in color.

Check out the brutal 'Kill or Become' video above. Also, be sure to grab a copy of Cannibal Corpse's new album, 'A Skeletal Domain.'

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