A new video clip shows Beatles legend Paul McCartney was nearly struck by a car while attempting to pose for a light recreation of the group's iconic Abbey Road album cover.

The brief video (seen below) was shared on social media by Abbey Road Studios to help promote the new Disney+ documentary on the famous recording spot, If These Walls Could Sing, which was produced by Paul's daughter Mary McCartney.

Below, you can see McCartney, who will turn 81 this June, steps out onto the crosswalk outside of the studio where the four Beatles once walked across to create one of the most well-known pieces of album art in music history for their 1969 album.

He stops with his arms stretched out a bit in both directions, but a driver in a light blue Toyota Prius does not make any attempt to stop at all, just barely missing him while cruising through the crosswalk. McCartney looks a bit stunned as he turns his body to give himself more separation from the vehicle, which appears to be less the one width of a painted bar in the crosswalk away from his foot.

You might be wondering who on this earth would not hit the brakes for Paul McCartney, but there's a fair chance this driver simply did not recognize him.

Still, that's no excuse for failing to brake for a pedestrian in a crosswalk, even though it probably gets incredibly agitating driving past a spot where so many Beatles fans have stopped to snap a photo of their own.

Perhaps someone in the area needs to start selling "I Brake For Paul McCartney" bumper stickers?

Naturally, the near-miss will also call to mind the "Paul is dead" myth that McCartney was killed in a car crash in the '60s and was replace by a look-alike. But there's much more interesting things than 50-year-old conspiracies, especially with such a rich history to explore in If These Walls Could Sing. Watch an official trailer below and stream it here.

If These Walls Could Sing Documentary Trailer

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