Andrew Baena, Carcosa guitarist and master of metal pick-up lines on TikTok, is the latest musician to play his favorite riffs on Loudwire’s Gear Factor.

The first riff that inspired Baena to pick up a guitar was “A Place for My Head” by Linkin Park. “It’s a pretty simple riff and it pretty much repeats throughout the whole song, but for whatever reason I thought that riff was really cool and I wanted to learn it.”

The guitarist continues, “As for the first guitar riff I ever learned, initially that “A Place for My Head” riff was too hard for me, so the first riff I ever learned was ‘Aerials’ by System of a Down. I vividly remember going over to my friend’s house when I was 12 or 13 before I had my own guitar and I learned it on his guitar.”

Baena also goes on to play standout parts from Lamb of God, Born of Osiris, and Veil of Maya.

Carcosa will release their debut album, Anthology, on Aug. 19. As for Baena’s favorite riff from the upcoming record, it comes from a yet-to-be-released track called “Hypnos,” which he plays in this special sneak peek.

Check out Andrew Baena playing his favorite riffs in the video below. To pre-order Carcosa’s Anthology, click here, and be sure to follow Metal Pick-up Lines on TikTok.

Carcosa's Andrew Baena, Master of Metal Pickup Lines, Plays His Favorite Riffs

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