Did you know there's a jazzy Russian feline playing piano with other musicians on TikTok?

You better believe it.

After all, musical performers on the video-sharing social media app already make liberal use of TikTok's Duet feature, where users can collaborate with other TikTokers by layering their own contributions over another's vid. And, hey, if two humans can jam this way, why can't a human musician and a cat pianist?

That's where Barney comes in. Barney's the orange, ivory-tickling cat (not to be confused with Keyboard Cat) who's making buds with TikTok musicians under over at @mars.gilmanov.

Barney ekes out sparse piano improvisations that kind of sound like something from an experimental jazz record. A bit spartan on their own, the cat's piano lines bloom once collaborators add their musical two cents to the track.

Need an example? Take a look at one of Barney's piano pieces, recently highlighted by Louder, from December 2020. First up is the original clip of the feline hammering out some notes.

But listen as, just a few days later, guitarist @akizguitar adds some classical guitar to the mix. Following the cat's musical lead, the six-string player supports Barney's melody and strengthens the tune.

Still, things only come further to life once a vocalist contributes her smooth singing to the collab. User @egglemonade turns Barney and @akizguitar's austere improv into a lounge-style number.

But those aren't the only musical collaborators that Barney the cat has come to find on TikTok. As reported by Guitar World on Monday (April 12), bassist Jeffin Rodegheri recently added a four-string foundation to one of the feline's improv numbers. Check that video out immediately below.

It just goes to show that one doesn't necessarily have to be human to musically collaborate on a song. Crazy, right? Listeners can find more of Barney's piano playing on TikTok.

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