It’s a shame that certain forms of music aren’t seen as “family-friendly.” Music brings people together! Remix master Andy Rehfeldt understands this, which is why he recorded a family-friendly version of Cattle Decapitation’s “Forced Gender Reassignment.”

If you’re a metalhead and spend too much of your life on YouTube (we plead guilty to this) chances are you’ve seen some of Andy Rehfeldt’s classic remixes. The man has given us “Radio Disney” versions of Cannibal Corpse, a smooth jazz rendition of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” a less angry version of Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name” and much more.

Even if you’re a fan of Cattle Decapitation, Travis Ryan’s brutal gutturals are pretty unintelligible. So when Andy Rehfeldt sings Ryan’s lyrics clean, you get to hear the deathgrinders’ twisted sense of humor. You simply haven’t lived until you’ve heard Rehfeldt sing, "In order to elude tissue rejection / For 7 days she must avoid erections / Since we grafted glands to make a clitoris / These operations are always hit or miss.

Check out Andy Rehfeldt’s “family oriented version” of Cattle Decapitation’s “Forced Gender Reassignment” in the clip above!

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