Children of Bodom recently released their new album, I Worship Chaos. During a recent stopover at the Loudwire studio, frontman-guitarist Alexi Laiho and keyboardist Janne Wirman took some time to speak with Loudwire about the album and gave some further insight on some of the disc's tracks.

First off, we spoke with Laiho about the task of taking on all the guitar work after the exit of Roope Latvala, and while it may have initially have seemed like a hindrance having to double up on his work, Laiho reveals there were positives to the experience. "If anything, I think the results came out much tighter since I played all the riffs," reveals Laiho, who added that it cut down on time when he would be inspired in the moment and didn't have to share or teach another guitarist his idea.

Watch the video above and you'll find out which song Laiho thinks has the biggest and catchiest chorus they've ever had. Wirman also dishes on what track has been the universal favorite of their female fans. And we get some insight on the powerful song "Prayer for the Afflicted." As for that I Worship Chaos album title and its frenetic title track, it's pretty self-explanatory. "It all comes down to the fact that I am a very restless person," says Laiho. "I don't do well with silence."

Before we wrapped this segment, we also couldn't help but ask about the band's decision to cover '80s favorite Kenny Loggins. The "Danger Zone" cover may not seem so obvious, but Laiho reveals, "When you think about it, it's already pretty metal, you know." Check out the interview with Children of Bodom above, and pick up 'I Worship Chaos' here.

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