What is it with metal dudes and not realizing they've broken something from the shoulders on up? Corey Taylor had a broken neck and didn't know it a couple years ago and now Children of Bodom's Alexi Laiho admitted he had a broken collarbone for 10 years.

Laiho answered fan-submitted questions through Guitar World, discussing the variety in his playing style, his philosophy on life and death and revealed his playing skills aren't what they used to be following a shoulder surgery from two years ago where he learned about the long-broken bone.

When asked what the "most technically demanding" guitar solo he's ever played is, the Bodom leader looked to the early days of the band without pinpointing one exactly. "Probably a lot of the older stuff where some of the solos I was writing were insanely fast arpeggios and picking," said Laiho.

That's when he described the toll the collarbone injury took. "Everything seems hard right now as I had a massive shoulder operation about two years ago," he admitted, detailing, "Apparently, my collar bone had been broken for about 10 years. I’ve had to relearn how to play."

"It’s not a nerve problem," clarified Laiho, "but some of my fingers are not up to speed on a lot of things. It’s a slow process; I’m still not quite back to where I was before the operation."

As for his greatest challenge, Bodom's frontman had a more definitive answer, singling out the "100 Guitars From Hell" massive group performance in Helsinki. "I had a lot of help from guitar players all over the world. I wrote the piece they performed; it was about 15 minutes long. It was at the Helsinki festival — it was huge, insane," he recalled. "At the same time, I was finishing the I Worship Chaos album and recording an EP with my covers band. It was pretty fucking hectic."

Despite the setbacks stemming from the injury, Laiho was in fine form on Children of Bodom's latest album, Hexed, which was released earlier this year.

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