In a recent interview with Canadian sports network The Score, Chimaira keyboardist Sean Zatorsky played video games, chatted about his favorite Football teams and even shared some upcoming events for the band.

Zatorsky is “lamenting” about his favorite team, the Miami Dolphins. "I love the Dolphins," he said. "I was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, so Ace Ventura, obviously, didn’t hurt that at all. I loved growing up next to Joe Robbie Stadium and watching Dan Marino play. Now we just suck."

He is also holds a special place for the Miami Hurricanes. “The canes are officially the most bad-ass team in the world, and the reason why is because they are the only team that knows how to break the law... They know how to spend the money on the players, and they’re officially the only team [that] when you f-ck with them, they rip their helmets off and beat the sh-t out of you.”

When talking about the band’s future, Zatorsky explained that there’s “lot’s of good stuff. Soundwave is coming up and a string of European tours -- you know, [in] the U.K. -- and finishing out this tour, which I’m looking forward to just in itself. I mean, I think it’s like a 35-day tour. We’re hittin’ all the good places. All the redemption places.”

At the end of this year, axemen Rob Arnold and Matt Devries will part ways with Chimaira. Frontman Mark Hunter released a statement saying, "We understand that life invades art, everything runs its course, and we have to take different paths. We respect their decision and wish them only the best. We made heavy metal history together and that is all that matters at the end of the day. Chimaira Christmas 12' will be their last show, and we've been preparing to make it one that you'll never forget."

Chimaira released their latest album ‘The Age of Hell’ earlier this year and is still on the road in support of the record. Check out our review and photo gallery of their stop in New York City.