In his newest video for the song 'The Keeper,' Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell sports a Jesus-like look. Ironically, the song is featured on the soundtrack for the new movie, 'Machine Gun Preacher,' based on a true story.

Directed by Issac Rentz (Cage the Elephant, Manchester Orchestra), the video features Cornell in a very dim room strumming his guitar and singing, which is all fans really need. As a back drop, there are clips from the film, starring Gerard Butler as a former criminal turned crusader by the name of Sam Childers.

In an interview with ArtistDirect, Cornell talks about working with Forster. "The only direction I got from Marc Forster, the director, was 'Don't be too literal,' which I never do. He actually followed that up by saying, 'You never are, but if I would say anything it's that.' I agree with it. I really don't think that it would be complimentary to a great film."

He commented on the song ''The Keeper' by saying, "I think the song really sticks with the idea of imagining that Sam Childers is singing it. What is he singing? It's a sort of testimonial to the kids he puts his life on the line for."

Cornell also shares where he got some inspiration for the track 'The Keeper.' I'd read the script and focused on the web site. There was a photo gallery on the "Angels of East Africa" web site that I focused on just because I wanted to get a sense of the environment. That, combined with the story, is where the ideas and musical feel came from because the photos are very moving."

Watch the Video for Chris Cornell's 'The Keeper'