It's Part 2 of our 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?' segment with Fozzy singer and WWE legend Chris Jericho! The first half of our exclusive clip goes into the early days of Jericho's life and his beginnings in professional wrestling. Part 2 gets into the meat of Jericho's life from Fozzy onwards.

Chris Jericho is undoubtedly one of our favorite guests to ever visit our studios, and the man can tell one hell of a story. In this video, Jericho talks about recording with Alter Bridge members, his hilarious experiences with Little Richard, arrests for a parking lot incident with fans, a tiff with fellow pro wrestler Gregory 'The Hurricane' Helms, how Jericho met his wife + much more.

Check out the second half of our 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?' segment with Chris Jericho! And if you missed Part 1, view it below:

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