Get ready to embrace entropy. New York rock outfit The Plague have put their spin on Circle of Dust's song "Embracing Entropy" that featured Celldweller, giving it a fresh remix and adding some extra edge to the song. The remix is now available to check out in the player above.

The Plague's David Adam Monroe took the lead on the project, revamping the track with re-recorded and re-produced parts featuring the primary instruments of guitar, bass, drums and synths. The end result is a hard rocking track that gets aggressive in parts, while delivering moody and hypnotic moments elsewhere.

Speaking about their take, The Plague's Monroe told us, "When I got asked to do this remix, I was blown away. Celldweller and FiXT were a huge influence on me making The Plague record, so it was incredible honor to work on this Circle of Dust remix. I loved a lot of the drum phrases in the original so I tried to preserve some of them, and of course slap on some fuzz guitars!”

It's a natural step for Monroe, who admits his fondness for Celldweller inspired him during the creation of The Plague's debut disc, Hope for the F.U.T.U.R.E. Monroe told 100 Percent Rock, "If I had to choose, Celldweller. He does a lot of production like me where he plays all the instruments and writes and records and mixes. His ability to fuze guitars and synths is uncanny and I love it." Though not a collaboration, Monroe moved one step closer to his wish with the remix.

If you like what you hear, The Plagues remix of the Circle of Dust featuring Celldweller track "Embracing Entropy" is available to stream via Spotify and becomes available for purchase today (March 15) at this location. You can stay up to date with The Plague, Circle of Dust and Celldweller via their social media sites.

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