Circle of Dust is back, bringing you a new song with a cinematic feel and crushing heaviness. The musician has teamed with Loudwire for the exclusive premiere of his new lyric video for "Dust to Dust."

The song is an interesting one with a mix of aggressive synths, Slayer-esque guitar licks and assorted bits of pieces of dialogue helping to paint the picture. "It's difficult but not impossible," warns the voice at the top of the song as doomy portend something dark on the horizon. In the lyric video itself, the Animattronic animation showcased what appears to be a statue floating through the sky with debris and pieces surrounding the figure and becoming more prominent, likely due to a destructive event. Circle of Dust mastermind Klayton belts, "Immortal dream / Heart like machine / Inhuman paradigm / Dust to Dust," teasing what's coming in clip.

Klayton tells us, "'Dust to Dust' began as a simple guitar-tone experiment. As I was messing around with guitar tones, I hearkened back to a bunch of my fav old school thrash tracks and I just started spitting out riffs. I knew after a few minutes this wouldn’t end as production experiment but live on as a new Circle of Dust track."

"Dust to Dust" will be the first single off of Circle of Dust's still-untitled next album, which is expected next year. If you like what you hear, the song has just been added to Spotify and you can also check it out via the platform of your choosing here. Stay on the lookout for new Circle of Dust music as we enter 2018.

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