Canadian rock duo cleopatrick are serving up a fuzzed out jam that reminds us all of the power of live music with their new single "The Drake" today (March 11).

The track has been with the group for a while, but will reach a wider audience later this year when the band issues their upcoming debut album. The group is also dropping an accompanying video for the track that reflects to one of their electrifying basement shows they played prior to their recent breakout.

The duo (Luke Gruntz + Ian Fraser) share, “This song is about a gig we played at The Drake Hotel in Toronto. We were very anxious for this show as it was going to be one of our first performances in front of a crowd of people that had discovered us through the internet. Shortly before we went up to play, things ended up taking a very unfortunate turn as a familiar group caught our was 'the boys.'"

They add, "There was one particular guy in the group that really put me out of my head. My high school bully. As some kids decided to start a pit, the bully put one of our best friends on the ground in a chokehold. We watched from the stage. We felt powerless as friends rushed in and tried to calm the situation. This song is about bullies from our hometown. It’s about the regret of not standing up for yourself. And it’s about looking forward to the day you can leave people like that behind.” Check out the lyrics for the song below.

cleopatrick, "The Drake" Lyrics

i feel some type of way again
it never ends
she said why are you acting strange again?
i said yea that depends
my little brothers getting older
fake friends is loose ends
and they said *****s on his way that shit gon put me out my head that's when i

lose touch with the real me
think i fucked up, got no guts, but these kids still fucking feel me i
double cross local PD
just to prove to all my friends - no i'm not down with the man saying

listen this ain't me
yea yea
i ain't never shown my teeth
yea yea yea

man i'm stuck
cuz i can't speak my mind unless i'm fucked up
april thirty 97 in the cut
and i can't speak my mind unless i'm gone
i'm gone
yea i can't speak my mind unless i'm gone
i'm gone, i'm gone, i'm gone, i'm gone, i'm gone
i'm gone

i said listen this ain't me
yea yea
i ain't never shown my teeth
yea yea
listen this ain't me
yea yea
i ain't never shown my teeth

and now a roll cage in a corvette keep
lukey sitting safely on the DVP
hit the 401 i'm pushing 143
they want a ride back home and i say listen man i've only got
two seats

you might have made it to the drake bro
but you ain't ever caught this wave though
yea yea yea

"The Drake" follows on the heels of the band's recent singles "Good Grief" and "Hometown" that helped break the group this past year. "Hometown" is currently No. 5 on the Active Rock chart. If you like what you hear, "The Drake" is now available here. Stay tuned for news on their debut album release coming soon.

cleopatrick, "The Drake"

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