If you know Clutch, you're aware that the band likes to keep things fresh when they play live. And for their Las Rageous set Friday night (April 20), that meant the introduction of a brand new song. Fans got to experience their first taste of a track called "Gimme the Keys," which will presumably turn up on the band's forthcoming Book of Bad Decisions album.

As you can hear in the fan-shot video, Neil Fallon and the boys use a bit of synched up stops and starts with coordinated with the guitars and drums to give the chorus it's beat and maximum punch. But the song really picks up in the chorus, and overall seemed to be well received from the Las Rageous audience.

Fallon revealed during a radio interview at the event over the weekend that their new album will be titled Book of Bad Decisions and that the band is tentatively eyeing a September 2018 street date for the disc.

Of the album, he stated, "This record has a lot of ... maybe not a lot of, but instances where I looked back into events of my own life or Clutch's career, took them and exaggerated them for the purposes of drama," said Fallon. "I've always been wary of that, cause I don't really like nostalgia, but I also realize after 25 years, there's a whole catalogue of experiences that I can take and draw from that."

Las Rageous was the band's first performance of 2018, but there's a full on trek now starting, featuring a number of festival appearances as well. As Fallon told us back in 2015, the band members take turns creating set lists, to keep things fresh not only for the audience, but for themselves. "That’s the idea and so we pay attention," said Fallon. "I think doing the same setlist, I know I would start daydreaming, and if I start daydreaming I would make mistakes. But if I’m a little bit scared because I haven’t played this song in a year, that gets the adrenaline and it’s good to pay attention and be a little bit scared." Catch the band this spring on tour at these stops. See the band's full Las Rageous set list below.

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