Liquid Death Mountain Water has taken its haters' social media comments and turned them into an extreme metal album. Greatest Hates, the 10-song collection released last week (May 1), makes heavy music out of actual user gripes concerning the company whose slogan is "Murder your thirst."

Indeed, tracks such as "Dumbest Name Ever For Water" and "This Crap Is Pure Evil" use verbatim quotations from angry Internet commenters to make the lyrics of the songs. Liquid Death, which manufactures "punk rock" water in a can, emerged on the scene last year after raising $2.25 million in startup capital.

See Liquid Death's Greatest Hates cover art, tracklist, and watch a video preview toward the bottom of this post.

Ready to rock out to some death metal with words solely crafted by the company's haters? The album is now available to stream on Spotify and other digital music outlets. A limited-edition 12-inch vinyl version can be pre-ordered from Liquid Death's online store — it ships out later this month.

The effort incorporates the musical skills of a group of real death metal musicians. Gus Rios (Gruesome, formerly of Malevolent Creation), James Malone (Arsis), Seth Ringer (Eternal) and Torin Ridgeway all helped to create Greatest Hates. Recording engineer Matt LaPlant mixed the album.

The music's a fitting representation of the company that markets itself as an extreme version of pre-packaged water. "Liquid Death isn't just a canned water brand that will ritualistically dismember your thirst and use the severed body parts of your dead thirst to make a flesh suit," a press release reads. "It's also an album."

Liquid Death, Greatest Hates Album Preview

Liquid Death, Greatest Hates Album Art

Liquid Death 'Greatest Hates' album cover
Liquid Death

Liquid Death, Greatest Hates Track Listing

1. "Huge Tools (Every Single Person Involved)"
2. "Reconsider Your Life Choices"
3. "Fire Your Marketing Guy"
4. "Dumbest Name Ever for Water"
5. "Get Slaughtered on Shark Tank"
6. "This Water Couldn't Be Less Appealing"
7. "Selling Your Soul Is Deplorable"
8. "Go Out of Business"
9. "This Crap Is Pure Evil"
10. "Bad Marketing"

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