Listening to the band's latest, unmistakably brutal self-titled album, it’s obvious the guys are Corrosion of Conformity -- but it certainly doesn’t sound like their past work. As it turns out, guitarist Woody Weatherman says the band were completely spontaneous when recording, and what came out was a set of songs that fits into the next generation of Corrosion of Conformity’s sound.

“It wasn't an intentional thing, you see. When we first began writing for the new album, I wanted to do a bunch of fast and heavy tunes that were reminiscent of what we did in the past,” Weatherman tells 69 Faces Of Rock. “But once we started writing, we just went into a direction that we always do, which is whatever comes out comes out. It's silly for us to plan anything when it comes to the writing. We never really do any pre-conceived kind of music because once we start messing with it, it all goes out through the window anyway, you know.”

When asked about adding a new member to C.O.C.’s current lineup, Weatherman didn’t discard the idea. As the story goes right now, singer Pepper Keenan is on hiatus, and while it’s possibly that he’ll be back with the band soon, it’s all an unknown right now.

“Well, you know, it all depends. The door is open. We're having a blast now. We'll see where it takes us,” says Weatherman. “Like we keep on saying, Pepper is a good friend; we talk all the time. We'll be seeing him in New Orleans when we play there. He's gonna be in town, so he's gonna come out and party with us. I mean, who knows? Maybe we'll talk about it then. We'll see what his long-term plans are. I know, Down has some stuff coming out. But, we'll see. The door is open. I think we all want to do it at some point, but there is no rush.”

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