The current woes of Creed frontman Scott Stapp have been well documented, and earlier this week the band's bassist Brian Marshall posted online to let fans know that he had reached out to the musician and wanted to let people know that he was "okay."

However, the bassist felt the need to clarify his comments, feeling that people could read the wrong meaning into it. At the time, Marshall posted, "We talked briefly yesterday and he seems to be okay … I let him know we were all worried and if he needed a sober friend to talk to that I'm always available."

Now, in a new posting, Marshall elaborates on his posting, the intent behind it and what he feels about Stapp's current state. You can read his post below:

Due to the exposure my post has received, I feel I need to clarify what I meant by saying Scott Stapp "seems to be okay". It is obvious Scott is not "ok" and that he needs medical help and/or an intervention if he does not surrender to this disease before he hurts himself or others. I was trying to inform those who were concerned about his immediate well being, that we were reaching out to him during this difficult time and will continue to do so until the family gets the help they need.

You may notice that the posting comes from Brian Marshall's personal Facebook account rather than Creed's Facebook page. The reasoning behind that may be because he does not have access to the page. Last week, a fan questioned Mark Tremonti on why his comments on Stapp did not appear on Creed's Facebook site and the guitarist revealed, "Because I don't have any access to those pages." Throughout the ordeal, the only posts that have gone up on the Creed page have come from Stapp.

Stapp's issues came to light just before Thanksgiving when he posted a video claiming that he was penniless, living in his truck and was under a vicious attack by someone who had raided his finances. He also claimed that he was sober and wanted to let people know that he was being tested regularly once allegations were made that he wasn't just so that the truth would be told.

In the time since that video was posted, it was revealed that Stapp's wife had filed for divorce and petitioned to have the singer held on a psych hold as he had relapsed in his battle with substance abuse. To follow the Scott Stapp story, click the button below.

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