Creed singer Scott Stapp has just released his official memoir, 'Sinner's Creed.' You might not think Stapp's bio would be as interesting as noted works by rockers such as Nikki Sixx and Keith Richards, but you might want to read the book with your eyes wide open.

For instance, did you know the singer once fell 40-foot from a balcony while on a multi-day drug binge, fracturing his skull, breaking his hip and nose, before finally being discovered by his "guardian angel" -- rapper T.I.?

Stapp dropped by VH1's 'Big Morning Buzz Live' to promote his new book, offering the incredible story for all who want to listen. Now sober and a mentor to various individuals who are struggling with addiction, Stapp begins to describe the cryptic night, which begins in the penthouse suite of Miami's Delano Hotel.

"I'll never forget it," begins Stapp. "The rooms were all white and I remember in one of the stages of my being awake for three days, I thought I was in 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest', in an asylum. I started hearing things, like the cops were coming through the door and I started thinking, "I can't embarrass my family." I was trying to climb over the balcony and fell 40 feet."

Stapp continues, "I had met T.I. back in 2004, we were both writing songs for 'The Passion of the Christ' soundtrack and we had briefly interacted there and knew what each other looked like. We'd talked about being fans of Alabama [Crimson Tide] … he came out, and as I'm laying on the ledge, blood fell to his feet and he looked up and he had an Alabama hat on. I said, 'Roll tide,' and then he looked at me and put two and two together and really saved my life."

Check out VH1's video footage of Scott Stapp telling the story of his near-death experience. To buy Stapp's book, 'Sinner's Creed', click here.

Scott Stapp on How T.I. Saved His Life

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