If you have ever seen Lacuna Coil live, then you know singer Cristina Scabbia would give any frontman a run for his money. Lacuna Coil are just one of a number of female-fronted bands that have achieved success and we had the chance to pick the brains of both Cristina Scabbia and her co-singer Andrea Ferro about how much women have risen in heavy metal and hard rock in recent years.

In our video interview, above, Scabbia looks back on the beginning of the band over 15 years ago and she says that having a female fronting a metal band “wasn’t completely accepted” at that time. She goes on to explain that "it was a big challenge because a lot of people started to open their minds.”

She also expresses her delight in the acceptance of female vocalists in metal today, under one condition: “As long as the band that has the female member is offering more than a pretty face.”

Ferro also weighed in on the topic, stating, “That’s the problem today, sometimes you see bands include a female just because it may be a different chance for the band.” He also goes on to talk about the ratio between men and women at Lacuna Coil shows, saying that more and more females are in the crowd.

Check out our video interview with Scabbia and Ferro above.