While it may have ultimately all been in good, provocative fun back when Cradle of Filth issued the now infamous "Jesus Is a Cunt" T-shirt in 1993, it's not one frontman Dani Filth feels comfortable wearing in public three decades later.

It's not all that surprising that the vocalist, who turns 50 years old in a couple weeks, has tempered his feelings on the shirt — these things tend to happen as we age and the shit-stirring of our youth starts to feel less appealing. At least, it has for Filth, who opened up about the controversial shirt in the latest episode of the Stoke the Fire podcast, which is co-hosted by Killswitch Engage's Jesse Leach and Life in the Stocks podcast host Matt Stocks.

The conversation that gave way to chatter about the T-shirt began with a discussion about Filth's known love for punk music.

Punk is, of course, notoriously provocative, sometimes for the sake of it and other times with more serious intent. Nonetheless, the style of music has always been mired in controversy, for better or for worse.

Stocks expressed his appreciation for Filth's punk-at-heart spirit, assuming control of his band while also trying to shock and provoke. "I think a lot of the philosophies that punk rock showed the world, you incorporated into extreme metal through Cradle of Filth," Stocks says (transcription via Metal Hammer).

Leach seconds the notion, admiring Filth's "don't give a fuck" attitude he and his band have.

"The thing about that shirt was that it was, actually, an anarchic statement, if anything, when we did it," Filth assesses of the offensive 1993 shirt, "It was just like, 'Who could you poke with a stick more than anybody else, and it have an overarching effect?'."

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So, why won't Filth wear one today?

"As nasty as it is, I must admit, I would be uncomfortable wearing it now," Filth confesses, recollecting an uncouth moment while out to get some food one time.

"My girlfriend, we went for a meal and she inadvertently put it on because it was chilly outside. She had a cut down version of it, but there was enough of it. And I looked at her in horror like, 'Oh my god, what are you doing?' Like, I mean, I don't want lots of spit in my food, you know? It's an awkward scenario, but I'm pleased we did [the shirt], it was good fun," the vocalist explains.

While Filth may not want to wear it out, rapper Iggy Azalea had no problem sporting it inside in a New Year's Eve post where she bade 2018 farewell. The moment even caught Cradle of Filth off guard, who said that any publicity is good publicity.

Listen to the full podcast episode below.

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