Danko Jones fans will be happy to know the Canadian rockers will release a new album early next year. The band will unleash ‘Fire Music’ in February and they offered a taste of the new effort with a teaser clip for ‘Gonna Be A Fight Tonight.’

The teaser video for the anthemic and rocking track features footage from the 2014 Motorhead Motorboat cruise, Danko’s show at Grona Lund in Stockholm back in May and a behind-the-scenes look at the recording of their new album.

The Canadian rockers released their first live album via Spotify back in August. ‘Live at Grona Lund’ was recorded in May of this year at the legendary Grona Lund amusement park in Stockholm, Sweden.

Fans can pre-order 'Fire Music' here and download “Gonna Be A Fight Tonight’ here. Danko Jones are currently overseas and take the stage in Paris, France on Nov. 28. Check out the full list tour dates here.

Danko Jones, 'Fire Music' track listing:

1. ‘Wild Woman’
2. ‘The Twisting Knife’
3. ‘Gonna Be A Fight Tonight’
4. ‘Body Bags’
5. ‘Live forever’
6. ‘Do You Wanna Rock’
7. ‘Getting Into Drugs’
8. ‘Watch You Slide’
9. ‘I Will Break Your Heart’
10. ‘Piranha’
11. ‘She Ain’t Coming Home’