Danko Jones are back with a blistering new track called 'Just a Beautiful Day' and Loudwire is proud to present the exclusive video premiere of the performance-based clip, which shows the raw energy of what the band put into the song.

The track has a very percussive feel, with the band's new drummer -- Atom Willard, formerly of Rocket From the Crypt, the Offspring, Angels & Airwaves and Social Distortion -- pounding away on the skins at a frenetic pace. In addition, both Danko Jones and his longtime bass counterpart John 'JC' Calabrese provide the driving track with some crunchy riffage.

Calabrese told Loudwire, "I'm glad that that's been the song to represent this record in a way because it has a lot of elements to it that are rocking and have a lot of melody."

Having spent so much time on their last record cranking out videos with special guests like Elijah Wood, Lemmy Kilmister, Selma Blair, and Ralph Macchio, singer Danko Jones said it was time for the band to go back to the basics for the 'Just a Beautiful Day' shoot.

"We did so much with the last record in terms of stars and storyline and it was a big to-do that I think the only natural thing to do was to take it back," explained Jones. "If we tried to follow up on what we did for the last record with all the celebrities and stuff we'd just become like that band that has all the famous people in their videos - more famous than them. So it was good to just take it a step back. It's cool. I definitely like it."

The black-and-white performance piece was shot by The Diamond Brothers, who've previously worked with the band on past videos as well as the recent documentary, 'Bring on the Mountain.' The clip, shot in a New York loft, finds the band pouring every ounce of adrenaline into the track possible while the camera shot blur in and out of focus mirroring the ferocity of the track.

'Just a Beautiful Day' is the lead single from the band's new album, 'Rock and Roll Is Black and Blue,' due Oct. 9. Pre-order the disc here.

Watch Danko Jones' 'Just a Beautiful Day' Video