As the year ends and touring starts to wind down, there's a lot of hope for 2014 thanks to a number of festivals beginning to reveal their participants. The Maryland Deathfest is looking very promising for 2014 as a bunch of new bands have been added to the bill.

The 12th annual event will take over some of Baltimore's top clubs between May 22-25 with a stellar lineup. Dark Angel, Triptykon, Inquisition, and more have just been added to an already solid group of bands.

The fun starts Thursday, May 22 at Rams Head Live with Crowbar, Coffins, Seven Sisters of Sleep, Sourvein, Torche, Triptykon and Whitehorse filling the venue.

The rest of the music weekend takes place Friday, May 23-Sunday, May 25 at three different venues. The Edison Parking Space will host At the Gates, Bongripper, Cancer, Candlemass, Castevet, Dark Angel, Diocletian, Entrails, Goat Torment, God Macabre, Gorguts, Graves At Christos, Nocturnas A.D., Orator, Sacrifice, Sarke, Soilent Green, Solstafir, Taake, Tankard, Ulver, Uncle Aid & The Deadbeats, Unleashed, Windhand, Witchrist, and Wrathprayer.

During the same dates, those attending shows at Rams Head Live will see, Aeternus, Asphyx, Bolzer, The Church of Pungent Stench, Enthroned, Hooded Menace, Immolation, Incantation, Mitochondrion, Mutilation Rites, Putrisect, Ulcerate and War Master.

Meanwhile, Baltimore Soundstage will host Archagathus, Antisect,
 Birdflesh, Black Breath,
Capitalist Casualties,
 Creative Waste, 
Cripple Bastards,
 Death Toll 80K, 
Dropdead, Enabler, 
Endorphins Lost, 
Excruciating Terror, 
Extinction of Mankind, 
Final Conflict, 
In Disgust, 
Internal Rot,
 Left for Dead,
 Maruta, Mesrine, 
Ratos De Parao,
 Rotting Out, 
The Secret 
S---storm, Sick/Tired, 
Stapled Shut, 
Unholy Grave and 

Those interested in tickets to the event can click here.

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