Rock and metal photographer Jeremy Saffer's upcoming Daughters of Darkness coffee table book combines fine art photography, the nude female form and black metal corpse paint for some truly stunning imagery. While the book won't be available until Oct. 30, Loudwire is bringing you 10 exclusive photo previews of what you can expect.

"Daughters of Darkness has been a project that’s been in the works for a third of my lifetime," Saffer says. "I knew that I wanted to make the most of this project and, most importantly, have it done the right way," he continued.

Saffer sought a like-minded publisher to properly release his photo series and commented, "Rare Bird not only shared my vision for what the physical collection of all this work should look like, but also are as excited for this project to come to fruition as I am. It’s really important that an artist’s vision is shared by the people bringing that vision into physical visual form."

Work on this project began 12 years ago and, since then, Saffer has shot over 400 models at the intersection of photography and metal subculture. The book features many celebrities, actresses, musicians and models (some under the cover of corpse painted anonymity) all of whom donned only corpse paint for this book, according to the Rare Bird website.

This dozen years of work will be distilled into 100-plus pages that make up the Daughters of Darkness coffee table book — you may just want to be cautious as to what you leave lying around in plain sight depending on what type of guests you're hosting.

Jeremy Saffer / Rare Bird Books
Jeremy Saffer / Rare Bird Books

Pre-orders are available now at this locationDaughters of Darkness will be made available in a variety of options, ranging from the standard $60 edition that comes with extra goodies, a "Bathory Edition" with a blood-drenched cover photo all the way up to a deluxe edition box set (limited to 25 copies) going for $666.

While the photo previews below are censored, the images in the book will not be.

Saffer has photographed countless rock and metal artists. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to see more of his work or visit his website.

Daughters of Darkness Photo Preview (Censored)

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