As we've seen over the years, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl is one of the better rockers when it comes to stage banter. And during a special invite-only solo acoustic show Wednesday night (June 22) sponsored by Live Nation and Citi at the Cannes Lions festival in France, Grohl treated the crowd to a rather humorous story from his rock star life in which he ended up joining pop star Taylor Swift on one his songs while super high at one of Paul McCartney's parties.

The vocalist revealed that he and his wife attended the party and were thrilled like everyone else in the room when Sir Paul sat down at the piano and played an original song. But shortly after McCartney finished, Grohl said those gathered round started asking him to play.

"I don't know how to play piano," laughed Grohl. "I can't play f---in' piano. And then I look around and Paul McCartney is left handed, so all the guitars are left handed. S--t! I'm screwed. What do I do? And also, I maybe smoked a little pot so I was already challenged enough."

The singer then recalled, "All of a sudden Taylor Swift stands up and says, 'I'll play a song.' Oh, thank God. Taylor Swift's here. She was like f--kin' Batman when you need him."

Much to Grohl's surprise, Swift started playing a little melodic piano piece that seemed a little familiar. "She was playing this really beautiful thing on piano, and I look at my wife like, 'I know this f--kin' song. What the hell is this?' And she was f--kin' playing our song 'Best of You' … as if I weren't high enough. That f--kin' blew me into outer space man."

Grohl then humorously remarks at how beautiful her voice was as compared to his, but he joined in the singing as only he knew how. At that point, he launched into an acoustic performance of "Best of You" for those in attendance. Watch it all play out in the video above.

As for Grohl and Foo Fighters, it's been a relatively quiet year after a busy 2015 that saw them supporting the Sonic Highways album and finishing out the year with the Saint Cecilia EP before taking a breather.

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