The dynamic between musicians is different in every band, just like any other relationship in life. Dave Grohl remembers there being a "dysfunction" that existed in Nirvana, and it's something he doesn't feel with the members of the Foo Fighters.

Though he described Nirvana's musical relationship as a "match made in heaven" in a new installment of the Big Issue, there was a bit of a disconnect between himself, Krist Novoselic and Kurt Cobain on a personal level.

"Of course we loved each other. We were friends. But, you know, there was a dysfunction in Nirvana that a band like Foo Fighters doesn’t have,” he explained. "You also have to realize, from the time I joined Nirvana to the time it was over was only about four years. It wasn’t a long period of time. Was I close to Kurt as I am to Taylor Hawkins? No.”

Grohl assured that he has a more brotherly relationship with Novoselic now than he did back then, and that Nirvana's chemistry was mainly in the music they made together.

“But that emotional dysfunction in Nirvana was relieved when we put on instruments. If the music hadn’t worked, we wouldn’t have been there together," he said. "I truly believe that there’s some people you can only communicate with musically. And sometimes that’s an even greater, deeper communication. There are people that I might feel a little awkward talking to but once we strap on instruments, it’s like they’re the love of my life.”

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