The relationship between Slayer and former drummer Dave Lombardo has been less than amicable since the two parties split up, and just when we thought we heard it all, Lombardo has shared some surprising news. According to the drummer, he worked on all the new Slayer tracks that will appear on the band's upcoming studio album.

Back in early 2013, Dave Lombardo claimed that his dismissal from Slayer was the result of a financial dispute. About a year later, Lombardo specified his grievance during a drum clinic in Ireland. The drummer told attendees that he only took home $67,000 out of Slayer's $4.4 million gross in 2011.

Lombardo continues to speak out regarding his departure from Slayer, as he now claims he had made significant contributions to the music Slayer's upcoming album, including the band's recent single 'Implode.' "I worked on all of the songs that are going to be on the new album with Kerry [King, guitar]," Lombardo tells Thrash Zone. "They've been working on that album… s--t… for years now. 'Implode,' their new radio hit, is basically the guitar tracks that were done during my session, but they've removed my drums and added Paul [Bostaph's drumming]."

When asked further about the financial situation which caused Lombardo's exit, the drummer was tight-lipped. "I really don't want to touch on that subject anymore," begins Lombardo, "because it seems like once the subject is brought up, the trollers on the Internet, they're, like, 'Oh, he's f---ing complaining about money.' It's, like, no. I'm complaining about the mismanagement. I've moved on. There's new things, better things to come."

As for those "better things," Lombardo will soon release Philm's second album, 'Fire From the Evening Sun,' on Sept. 16. We exclusively premiered the album's title track, so click here to check it out!

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