Drummer extraordinaire Dave Lombardo continues to hammer away behind his kit, shifting gears from his progressive outfit Philm (who are currently on indefinite hiatus) to new hardcore punk band Dead Cross. The group formed pretty quickly, rounded out by members of grindcore act the Locust and hardcore punk fiends Retox. The band has yet to write any music, but Lombardo promises some straight-ahead, angry punk music is on the way.

The Dead Cross lineup features Lombardo on drums, Justin Pearson of both the Locust and Retox on bass, Mike Crain on guitar and singer Gabe Serbian, who is shifting gears to vocals after drumming with the Locust and Retox.

Describing the band's sound to Noisey, Lombardo said, "It's just straightforward brutal punk — metal-esque, but it's definitely not metal. I think it definitely leans more towards the punk style, because I feel that the way things are in the world, a punk attitude is definitely necessary to help you along with the shit that's going on." With true punk attitude, he continued, "There's no time to sing, 'We Are the World,' or all this bulls--t, we're all pissed right now, and there's no better way to release anger than to be in a punk band and write punk music."

Known for his fast stickwork, the former Slayer drummer can't wait to start playing punk, exclaiming, "I’m excited to play fast! I was playing fast in my previous band, but there were still other grooves we were tapping into. This is an onslaught of music — something my body is a little more used to than some of the groovy, more laid back songs. This is the kind of music I thrive in. It's like a vitamin. I come home after rehearsal and I'm charged; it can be 11 o'clock at night and I'm just full of energy.

Dead Cross have scheduled two dates so far, both taking place in California. The first will be on Dec. 2 in West Hollywood at the Roxy Theatre and the second will be Dec. 3 in Pamona at the Glass House.

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