We recently caught up with Philm / Slayer drumming legend Dave Lombardo to speak about everything he's working on at the moment. Lombardo told us all about what's going on with Philm, his recent work with Amen and everything drums.

Lombardo's drum setup for Philm is a little different than what he used in Slayer. Though Dave will still pile up the cymbals, he's cut back on other bits and pieces to suit Philm's traditional power trio identity. We asked all about how he decides what to use for Philm and who his influences are out of rock's greatest power trios.

In 2014, Philm gave us Fire From the Evening Sun, but since Dave always seems to be creating, we wanted to know if any new material had already been written. Turns out Philm have been hard at work writing a third full-length and will tentatively enter the studio late this year. The great Ross Robinson (Slipknot / Korn / Sepultura) has even signed on to produce, lending his expertise in bringing out greatness in bands who specialize in raw power.

Last year, it was reported that Lombardo had joined Los Angeles metal band Amen, but it turns out Dave was just helping the band out for some studio sessions and live shows. Lombardo says that "one of these days" the new Amen album will come out, but he can't guarantee that he'll be a part of Amen's touring cycle.

Check out all this and much more in our exclusive interview with Dave Lombardo!

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