Drummer Dave Lombardo is going to be a busy man in 2016. The rocker revealed in a new chat with May the Rock Be With You that he's working on not one, but two, new Philm related releases.

"We're working on our third album," revealed Lombardo. "That one is going to be released early next year -- as soon as possible. It's going to be produced by Ross Robinson. I've worked with him a couple of times before. We're friends and he likes the band, so I decided to hand over the producer role to him."

As for the other album, Lombardo says it's a different kind of disc that he'll release under the Philm Noir banner. The drummer says the album features more of a "counter-melodic" structure to it.

"Gerry Nestler's guitar playing is unique and soulful and has a lot of energy. But he's also a pianist and he's very much influenced by classical piano players. One of them is Arnold Schoenberg," revealed the stickman. "It's not really melodic -- it's counter-melodic and we created and improvised in the studio in February. We recorded 19 pieces and they were all improvisations."

While the band's more traditional album is expected early in 2016, Lombardo says he's not exactly sure when the Philm Noir record will follow, but does expect to arrive sometime in 2016 as well.

Stay tuned for official release information on both the Philm and Philm Noir albums.

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