It's already been over a year since Slayer parted ways with drummer Dave Lombardo. The legendary kit master has been keeping busy with Philm and drumming workshops, but Lombardo's ousting from Slayer has allowed the stickman time to reconsider the relationships he had with his former bandmates.

Dave Lombardo recently took a trip to Northern Ireland for two Livewire clinics in Belfast. Before heading off to Italy for another duo of workshops, Lombardo spoke with My Global Mind about a myriad of subjects, including his departure from Slayer.

"It’s strange," Lombardo reflects. "It’s unfortunate as well because I realize now that they weren’t really my friends. They were just business partners. I lived and hung out with them, as if they were friends. 'Wow, these guys are watching out for me,' and it didn’t quite turn out that way.”

After being asked if he's mellowed out about situation one year later, Lombardo responded, "Yeah I have, I am more like, 'Oh well, s--t happens.' Move on, you know?”

Philm are currently waiting to release their second album, which has already been written and recorded by the group. In February 2014, Lombardo shared that he's currently waiting for a record company to scoop up the new album, which the drummer calls "more concise and straightforward."