Megadeth are offering up one of the downright coolest experiences a fan can imagine. The Megadeth bootcamp will allow fans to spend a weekend at frontman Dave Mustaine's California home with a wealth of unique activities taking place, including guitar, bass, drum and lyric clinics, jam sessions and even a church service from bassist David Ellefson.

Speaking with Q104.3 (interview below, transcription via Blabbermouth), Mustaine revealed some more highlights fans can expect at the bootcamp. Describing the property, the Megadeth frontman noted the vineyard, an on-site river and a "two-hundred-year-old oak-tree-farm kind of area." Getting into the bootcamp experience, he said, "And we're gonna invite all the fans. They come the first night. We kind of get to know everybody, and then we'll have dinner and have a wine tasting." Continuing with the alcohol theme, the Unibroue brewmaster (the brewery which makes Megadeth's 'A Tout Le Monde' beer) will be on hand.

"We're gonna be recording in my studio there," Mustaine added. "We're gonna have the original track to 'Symphony of Destruction'. Anybody that wants to can go in there and sing the original lyrics over 'Symphony of Destruction,' make their own version to take home with them. That's like a side thing; that's not included in the pack. And then that night, we'll have dinner and beer."

Ellefson, a pastor, will be delivering a "non-denominational church service" Sunday morning and a meditational program the day before.

Saturday night will be light-hearted with a s'mores party and storytelling. Before leaving the next day, Mustaine explained, "We're gonna try and get all two hundred people to play 'Symphony of Destruction' together and have this two-hundred-person army of acoustic guitars playing. 'Cause I figure somebody out of that two hundred is gonna know how to play it right, and they'll drown out the ones that don't."

All other details and package options can be found at the dedicated Megadeth Bootcamp website. The event will be held from March 10 - 13 in Fallbrook, Calif.

Megadeth are currently looking to secure their first Grammy win after being nominated for Best Metal Performance for the song "Dystopia" from the album of the same name. “This has been such an incredible year for Megadeth," said Mustaine. "With so many milestones and so many individual and group awards, to now have this honor of being nominated again is the grand finale to the most perfect campaign. We are very appreciative and thankful to all of our peers and contemporaries that are voting for the 2017 Grammys.”

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