The annual NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) convention just took place from Jan. 22 - Jan. 25, showcasing some of music's most beloved and state-of-the-art products. Each year, guitars act as a main focus, and in this interview, radio goddess Full Metal Jackie speaks with Megadeth's Dave Mustaine about his new signature Dean axes.

First up is Dean's 'Dave Mustaine Zero Punk' guitar, which relies on only one pickup. "Why have all that extra stuff in there? Eddie Van Halen did a lot of stuff with just one pickup, one knob. If it's good enough for Eddie, it's good enough for me." Mustaine also points out a new signature anarchy symbol, which can be found on the 'A' of 'Dean' up on the guitar's neck.

Inspired by his special performance with the San Diego Symphony, Mustaine wanted to make the metal and classical worlds collide. Out came the Dean V Stradivmnt, which is crafted to resemble a violin. "This reminds me of an amazing day in my life and every time I see this guitar it just brings a smile on my face. It sounds fantastic, it's one of those guitars -- you have to really know your craft to be able to handle this, because this is a hot rod. The Stradivmnt comes in a classic wood pattern as well as a charcoal color, which Mustaine is very partial to.

Mustaine's Zero Punk guitar will retail for $799, while the Stradivmnt will go for $1199 via Both won't become available until June, but you can pre-order the axes right now.

Dean Dave Mustaine Zero Punk Guitar


Dean Dave Mustaine V Stradivmnt Guitar


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