The announcement a few weeks ago that Disturbed are returning from a hiatus with a new album Immortalized in August caught most people by surprise. That's exactly what frontman David Draiman wanted. In a interview with Seattle's KISW that you can listen to below (Draiman's interview begins about three minutes in), he talked about the veil of secrecy.

"It took a lot of effort to do that; a lot of white lies and NDAs [non-disclosure agreements] and story telling; a lot of family and friends getting pissed off at you because you won't really tell them everything that's going on," Draiman says. "So it was a burden that I'm glad we no longer have to carry. And the surprise factor has definitely seemed to work. It was part of our plan all along to kind of come out of nowhere."

Draiman continues, "We didn't know whether or not we would be able to accomplish it, because just like you said, it was one hell of a challenge, but we were able to pull it off somehow, and I think that the results are speaking for themselves."

Even during the years Disturbed were taking some time off, he says there was no internal strife. "The one beautiful thing about our camp is that we've always stayed family, we've always been on good terms with each other," Draiman reveals. "And that was the beautiful thing about recording the record in Vegas. People would be like, 'There are so many people coming through Las Vegas. Why there? You shouldn't be seen there.'"

He continues, "Yeah, but you know what?! How unusual is it to see a member from the band Disturbed partying in Vegas? It's not something completely out of left field, and we're actually friends with one another, so seeing us together in Vegas is also not completely out of left field. So it kind of gave us what we like to refer to as 'plausible deniability.'"

The first single the band unleashed was "The Vengeful One." Draiman says the decision on which song to release first was not an easy one: "It took weeks to decide. That's usually the case with our records. Everybody has their favorites. We tend to be pretty fortunate in that we've been able to have more than enough single candidates on each one of our records, and this particular record was no exception."

He goes on to say, "We went with 'The Vengeful One' because we felt it showed a little bit of sonic progression, but still stayed true to who we are. We didn't want to come back with too much culture shock. We feel that it's one of the strongest hooks on the record and is a very demonstrative re-introduction."

Immortalized is set to be released on Aug. 21. Watch the band's latest "Making Of" video below.

Disturbed - The Making of Immortalized: Part 2

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