Who better to crash your bachelor party than David Lee Roth? The Van Halen icon knocked on an unsuspecting hotel room door, but unfortunately, nobody attending the Vegas sausage party seemed to know who Diamond Dave was.

DLR is one of the most entertaining human beings in history, and his Roth Show is a constant stream of unbridled randomness. A recent clip has been making the rounds on YouTube, where Roth is told about a party blasting Van Halen across the hall. Roth naturally assumes surprising them would get a killer reaction, but it doesn’t quite work.

“We heard some Van Halen here and my name’s David Lee Roth and I’m right across the hallway,” Roth emphatically said before bursting out into laughter. The dude (wearing a Harambe shirt) stood in confusion before Roth followed up with, “The fellas here were coming down the hallway and they said, ‘Shit, we heard some Van Halen,’ and I said, ‘Nah, shit!’”

Harambe shirt guy continues to laugh awkwardly while a group of drunken dudes start corralling around the door, nobody reacting to the rock god before them. One guy apologized for the noise, while another shirtless bro later came out into the elevator bank to, again, apologize for the noise.

The video’s comments section is a gold mine, with fans roasting the broheims for being clueless. Then again, someone should inform DLR about the nature of classic rock Spotify playlists.

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