Deadlock are ready to rock you with a song that will sound familiar to most, but contains the band's own stamp. The track is "Fight Song," a Marilyn Manson cover that Deadlock are premiering here exclusively at Loudwire.

Featuring a mix of the clean yet aggressive vocals of Sabine Scherer and the harsher, guttural vocals of John Gahlert, the song keeps its hard-driving vibe while adding a poppier sensibility. Add in incredibly catchy guitars from Ferdinand Rewicki and Sebastian Reichl and a propulsive drum beat from Werner Riedl and you've got a fresh take on Manson's classic track.

"This song has been on our 'cover-song-to-do-list' for many years now," Gahlert tells us. "Musically straight, lyrically exactly what our numb consumer society needs. A stunning masterpiece, which leaves tons of aggression in my head. Cheers to Mr. Manson for this inspiring vision and the ability to blame and never stop to doubt anything and everything.“

If you like the cover, you can find it as a bonus track on the extended edition of their new album Hybris, which arrives in stores today (July 8) via Napalm Records. The album from the melodic German death metal outfit features the tracks "Beserk," "Backstory Wound" and "Ein Deutsches Requiem," all of which were released prior to today's album release. Pick up the Deadlock album via iTunes or at the band's Napalm Records webstore.

Deadlock have scattered dates over the next few months, with most of their shows taking place in Germany. Check out their touring itinerary here.

Deadlock, "Fight Song" (Marilyn Manson Cover)