Over the last decade, there's been absolutely no shortage of technical death metal as a new legion of guitar wizards have cropped up in the scene. Even with the well pouring over the brim, it's felt amiss without any new material from Decrepit Birth since 2010's acclaimed Polarity. The California troupe is now making amends for their extended studio absence with a new album arriving this summer, whetting fans' appetite with a lyric video for the second Axis Mundi offering, "Hieroglyphic."

One thing that's made immediately clear is that Decrepit Birth place a greater focus on rhythm guitars on this new song, favoring torrents of blast beats and sliding, palm-muted riffs accented by more subtle lead playing than fans have grown accustom to over the last pair of releases. Lyrically, "Hieroglyphic" remains true to previous Decrepit Birth aesthetics as Bill Robinson discharges his guttural belch, reveling in more ancient wonders.

Since the album was announced, it has come to light that three bonus tracks, "Orion" (Metallica cover), "Desperate Cry" (Sepultura cover) and "Infecting the Crypts" (Suffocation cover) will also be featured on the album.

Axis Mundi will see a July 21st release through Nuclear Blast in North America and Agonia Records in Europe. Pre-orders are available now with instant gratification downloads of both singles, "Epigenetic Triplicity" and "Hieroglyphic," upon reservation.

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