There's some unwritten rules of the pit that any headbanger must understand. If someone falls down, pick them back up. If someone is stage diving, don't let them hit the floor, especially if it's the singer in the band you just paid to see. Unfortunately for Bill Robinson, frontman for tech-death brutes Decrepit Birth, nobody followed the latter rule and now he's got a broken femur (that big bone in the thigh) because of it.

The band had just begun their co-headlining tour with Arsis and performed at the Glass House Concert Hall in Pomona, California on Saturday (Oct. 13) where the incident happened. As seen in the Instagram video below, Robinson dove offstage and into the crowd, but hit the floor. The post indicates that the vocalist was taken to the emergency room, but not before he informed the crowd, "You fuckers should have caught me." A follow-up post indicated that Robinson has undergone a successful surgery to help repair his leg.

Decrepit Birth detailed the situation in a Facebook post, explaining, "ATTENTION! Bill broke his femur on Saturday while performing at the Glass House in Pomona, California. He was seriously injured and was rushed to the hospital where he is getting surgery done for his leg. Unfortunately we will miss the next 4 or so shows while we wait with him at the hospital. We will catch back up with the tour asap and finish this off even if we have to wheel Bill out in a wheelchair on stage. He says whatever it takes! Which is pretty fucking crazy!"

Head here to see a list of remaining tour stops as Decrepit Birth continue to support their fourth album, 2017's Axis Mundi.

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