Legendary Descendents drummer Bill Stevenson has promised not one, but two new Descendents albums in the near future. He also broke out into song midway through this exclusive interview with Loudwire.

Descendents will release their first new album, 9th & Walnut, on July 23. The collection of raw tracks from the original Descendents lineup were conceived and finally recorded over a span of 40 years, including takes from late guitarist Frank Navetta.

“Frank Navetta is one of those [eccentric geniuses]. They have a take on life that’s uncommon and very advanced, I guess you could say. They see more than other people see,” Stevenson says. “Me and Frank were 15 [when we started Descendents] and when Frank wrote some of those, he was 14.”

“By the time we got good enough to play and to feel like we know what we sound like, we had gotten sick of those songs,” Stevenson says of the 9th & Walnut tracks. “In 2002, we (Navetta, original bassist Tony Lombardo and vocalist Milo Aukerman) finally got together and recorded all of our old songs … it was the most colossal walk down memory lane of my childhood that I could have possibly imagined.”

Stevenson also spoke about Descendents’ next album of all new songs, which may come sooner than later. “Stephen’s songs and Milo’s songs — they’re all done. They’re recorded, everything’s done and I’ve just been mixing them. Karl and I haven’t really finished our songs yet. I’m always the last guy [to finish songs].”

Check out our full interview with Bill Stevenson below and click here to pre-order 9th & Walnut.

Descendents' Bill Stevenson Breaks Into Song + Promises TWO New Albums

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